Virtual walks
Vision is one of the most important senses. It is the vision that helps us discover and learn the world. It guides us in making choices and small but important and often life-long decisions. Visualization is what helps to see, understand and learn new things.


In times of ubiquitous pursuit of hyperrealism and dynamism, visualization alone may not be enough.

Nothing will make such an impression on customers as the presentation of a future product or investment in the dimensions and dynamics of the real world. We provide an opportunity to give life to objects and make it possible to preview them from every side. If you are looking for something that will delight others, we will be happy to create a breathtaking animation for you.


Behind every painting there is a story that a man is created. Bu2-studio is created by people whose passion is to excite with 3D graphics. Observing the world around us allows us to fine-tune the created works with delicacy and precision.

We will build a digital vision of what you want to advertise, sell or show.
Before we start our common journey, we will need the following for a quotation:
- description of the task and guidelines

- expected deadline

- number and type of visualization

- technical drawings, 3D models, other necessary materials
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